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Why Should I Carry An International Driver's License?

An International Driver’s License Is A Booklet That Translates Your Domestic Driver’s License Into Many Languages— Making It Easier For You to Rent Vehicles Around the World.

If You Have Hired A Car In A Foreign Country– You Can Use An International Driver’s License to Translate Your Domestic Driver’s License To Rental Agencies.

We Abide By The International Driver’s License Booklet Specifications Detailed In The UN Convention of 1949.

How to get your IDL

We’ve streamlined the application process creating an easy-to-use platform that will successfully guide you to complete your application in just a few minutes.  

1. Apply Online

Start your application for your IDL

2. Upload Photos

Make sure to upload an updated photo and with the correct parameters.​

3. Get Approved

Wait for your confirmation and you are ready to go!​

Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify?

Any Nationality is Eligible to Apply. All you will need is a valid Driver’s License from your home country.

What do I need to apply?

The application is simple and fast. All you need is your domestic driver’s license and a passport-type photo. If you do not have a photo– no problem. You can take a photo in front of a white wall with a cellphone.

What is the fastest way to get my International Driver's License?

The fastest way to get an ITA International Driver’s License is to choose the “URGENT” option at check out. This guarantees that you will receive your IDL in under 15 minutes. ALL orders, Shipped & Digital Only, come with digital versions of your documents for immediate use.

Is my International Driver's License a valid form of ID and does it replace my domestic driver's license?

No. An International Driver’s License is not a standalone document. Remember, an International Driver’s License is a translation of your Domestic Driver’s License. Your Domestic Driver’s License must be present for both to be valid.

Can you ship my documents to me?

Yes, we can ship your documents anywhere in the world. We offer many affordable shipping options to help you get your documents as quickly as possible. 

Can I use my IDL in ___?___ country?

The ITA International Driver’s License is an internationally accepted, unofficial translation of your Domestic Driver’s License that can be used in most countries that require one for driving. If you are unsure about a specific country, it is always best to look at the embassy website for their driving requirements. We also recommend reaching out to rental agencies ahead of time to ask for their driving requirements.

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