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An International Driver's License will help you rent and drive vehicles worldwide.

An International Driver's License will help you rent and drive vehicles worldwide.

An International Driver’s License is a booklet that translates your domestic driver’s license into many languages — making it easier for you to rent and drive vehicles around the world.

If you are driving a car while in the United States or in any of the following approved Countries — You can use your International Driver’s License to translate your domestic driver’s license for rental agencies and local authorities.

We abide by the International Driver’s License Booklet specifications detailed in the UN Convention of 1949.

How to get your IDL

How to get your IDL​


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Upload your headshot

Upload a clear, passport-type photo.


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What is an IDP/IDL?

An IDP (International Driving Permit) or IDL (International Driver’s License) are both interchangeable terms for a document that translates your driver’s license into multiple languages, allowing you to legally drive in many foreign countries.

Also, can be referred to as an International Driver’s Permit or International Driving License.

Do I need an International Driver's License in the United States?

Citizens of certain countries visiting the United States for less than a set amount of time, will often not need an IDL, as long as they hold a valid license from their home country that is in English or accompanied with an official notarized translation into English.

Given the complexity of this – it is strongly recommended that all visitors, independent of how long their stay is, bring an IDL with them.

Who can apply? Do I need to be a U.S Citizen?

Anyone who currently holds a valid driver’s license can apply for an International Driving Permit. To complete an application – you will be asked to submit a headshot (See how to submit headshot for your IDP/IDL) as well as upload a picture of your current valid license. You do not need to be a United States citizen to apply for an International Driver’s License.

Is my International Driving Permit valid in the United States?

Yes! An International Driving Permit (IDP) is valid in the United States for tourists and temporary visitors. An IDP functions as a translation of your home country’s driver’s license. For a full list of countries where your International Driver’s License is accepted, please see (Countries That Accept an International Driver’s License)

What are the requirements for driving in the United States?

Driving in the United States as a tourist typically requires the following:

1. Valid Driver’s License: You need a valid driver’s license from your home country. In addition, you also need an International Driving Permit (IDP) as a translation. Some states may accept a foreign driver’s license without an International Driving Permit, but it’s a good idea to have one to avoid potential issues

2. Age Requirements: The minimum driving age in the United States is 16, however some states have restrictions on drivers under the age of 18. Rental car companies will often have a minimum age requirement of 25.

3. Insurance: Insurance requirements and minimums vary by state, it’s recommended to have insurance coverage for your rental vehicle. Most rental car companies will offer the minimum state-required coverage as an option to purchase.

4. Traffic Laws – Please see below for a comprehensive list of traffic laws in the United States

General International Driver's License Information and Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an International Driver's License?

Use our Online International Driver’s License Application to get your IDP today.  The entire process takes less than 5 minutes and can be done completely online.  

What is the cost of an International Driving Permit?

Pricing begins at $35 for an International Driving Permit with a 1-year validity.  You have the option of selecting 1-3 year validity, digital only, and different shipping options as well as urgent processing.  Please see International Driver’s License Pricing for detailed information.

What is included in an International Driving License?

An International Driving Permit will include the following information:

1. Your Personal Information: Full Name, Photograph, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Home Country.

2. 12 Pages of translations including English.

3. Authorized Vehicles/Classes: Your IDP will have an A-E Category that explains which vehicles you are allowed to drive.

4. Authorized Countries: The full list of approved countries your documents are valid for.

5. Special Conditions: Any restrictions or special conditions on your regular driver’s license.

For more information including sample photos please see What is an International Driver’s License.

What do the categories on the International Driver's Permit mean?

The categories listed on an International Driving Permit (IDP) correspond to the types of vehicles you’re authorized to drive in your home country. They follow an A-E format:

A – Motorcycles: This includes motorcycles and motorized scooters of all engine sizes.

B – Cars: This includes regular passenger vehicles.

C – Large Vehicles: This includes larger vehicles such as buses, trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

D – Buses: This includes vehicles with more than 8 passengers.

E – Trailers: This is any of the categories above with a trailer.

Your IDL will include a stamp indicating all of the categories you are allowed to drive.

Can the digital International Driver's License be used instead of the original/physical copy?

The physical copy of your International Driving Permit should be with you at all times while driving in another country. Car rental and local authorities may accept a digital copy as an exception in certain cases. If you have a valid IDP through E-ITA and you have misplaced your physical copy – please contact our support team. We will provide a free replacement and can ship next day to anywhere in the world with expediated shipping.

If you have arrived at your destination and forgot to apply for and bring your International Driver’s License with you – a digital copy will allow you to move forward with your car rental.  We recommend applying online with urgent processing to receive your documents within 15 minutes.  Expediated shipping is available with 2-day delivery to most countries.  

How long does it take to get an International Driver's License?

We recommend applying online with urgent processing to receive your International Driving Permit within 15 minutes.  Expediated shipping is available with 2-day delivery to most countries internationally.  

Can I use my International Driving Permit to purchase a vehicle?

When purchasing a vehicle you will need to provide proof of identity.  An International Driving License is not a stand-alone document and cannot be used as proof of identify on its own.  You will need to provide another form of identification to purchase a vehicle. 

Can I apply for an International Driver's License with an expired license?

An International Drivers Permit is a translation of your current driver’s license.  While you are able to apply for one with an expired license – it is recommended that you renew your license as soon as possible.

Can I convert an International Driver's License into a local license?

An International Driving Permit is valid for a specific set of time for those visiting a foreign country.  It is not a requirement, nor can it be converted into a local license.  A local license will require meeting the local requirements to be licensed as well as taking a written and/or driving test.

What traffic laws apply to drivers in the United States?

  • People drive on the right side of the road.
  • You must wear a seat belt.
  • Do not use your phone while driving. This is a sure way to be pulled over by local police.
  • Speeding laws vary from state to state.  
  • Most cars are automatic transmission.

Ready to check if an IDL is accepted in your destination?

Use the form and find out in seconds whether you need an international permit. Documents vary, based on the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic.

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